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So this was originally a blog about surviving weird situations. Then it became a blog about puppy mills or something... I don't know I wasn't in charge at that time. Then it was a conspiracy blog. Now it's a blog about travel, health, and technology. Deal with it. 39affd98cdc222544f19d9ef72f6986b0d0c611edbd6387120

Puppy Mills Stop The Greed (graphic Photo)

We have a major problem in the world with puppy mills. What is a puppy Mill? Well a puppy mill is a breeder with more then 2 breeds of dogs. All of the poor dogs shoved into small cages. Left there to produce litter upon litter of puppies. These poor dogs do not know what love is. Most of them are terrified off people. These poor animals are not taken to the vet for any reason. I cannot tell you the number of pictures of animals I have seen in this condition. There are no laws in the US to stop this. This terrible business is not only about dogs. There are also kitten mills. The horrible thing is that these people have no idea they are doing anything wrong. They think this is ok as long as they are getting a check every time they have puppies to sell.

A few years ago I had a friend (ex-friend now) who had a Miniature Schnauzer puppy for sale. I went to her home, she is a breeder with 50 dogs, this was right after I met her, I was not aware she was a puppy mill until much later. I met this puppy. So sweet. I fell in love with the little girl. While I was playing with the girl she brought in a male Schnauzer. I fell in love with him too. I decided to buy both puppies. I brought them home. She called me 2 days later and said the male had a Doggy STD, he got it from his mother and I had to take him back. I was totally heart broken. We kept Laura (the female). Took her to the vet all was good with her. I was looking at her papers and noticed a man's name on her papers. Not the girl I bought her from. So I called the girl and asked about this. She said she bought a few puppies from another breeder for re-sale. Not from the man on the papers but yet another person. So I called the man on the papers and inquired about purchasing a sister of my puppy from him. I was then told that all of his puppies are sold before they are born to pet stores and the like.

I called my friend back and asked what she knew about this man. She said that she knew he was the worst puppy mill she had ever seen. With 500 dogs all in little cages standing in their own poop.
I was sick. Why in the world would this woman support such an awful operation? Wait a minute, make a quick buck. That's what it was all about, making money.
From that moment on I knew there was more about this horrible business out there that I knew nothing about. I have researched. I have been to many of these places. I have called and made reports against these people. But it dose not make any difference. Something has to be done.

We have to stop the greed. The lives of these animals depend on us. Please do some searches. You will find this is a bigger problem then you could ever imagine. There are some ver graphic photos you will come across when you are searching.
Puppy Mill Picture
While Graphic, this is what dogs are dealing with
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1. March 12th 2008 @ 01:26. Harry Says:
I had no idea these places existed! How very very sad.
2. March 12th 2008 @ 06:38. katyzzz Says:
It's an absolute disgrace, anything like this abhors me, I think Australia has better laws but I believe bad practices continue.

I love animals and these things make me weep.

I think the people responsible should be horsewhipped or treated to the same conditions they put those animals through.

The love of money is the root of all evil
3. March 14th 2008 @ 09:41. jon Says:
Hi -- I've sent you an email already but sometimes they don't get through to free email accounts. Would you like a domain for this blog? If so send an email to charles -at- (change the -at- into a @)and he will be able to set one up for you.

You may also need to add the email address admin -at- to your address book in order to receive Orble admin emails in the future.


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