How Is Flood Risk Handled By Authorities?


The NPP Framework establishes rigorous evaluations to protect property and individuals from floods which all authorities are likely to follow. The key measures to be adopted are set out below which are built to make sure whether there are improved places as regards to flood risk, or if a planned improvement is unable to be created risk-free, it must not be allowed.
Mitigate and manage flooding hazard:
It will not be irrelevant to demand for applications and planning permission prior to approval for particular kinds of development that is acceptable.

Where localities develop in places where there exists a danger of floods as alternate places are unavailable, developers and planning authorities of the landĀ  make sure the structures ae not going to raise flood hazardĀ  and is suitably flood resilient and resistant, secure for its members for the life of the development.

Flooding hazard that can be prevented:
In decision making, where required, planning authorities of the land additionally use the ‘sequential approach’. In making decisions this calls for using the Sequential Test if necessary for improvement proposals that are particular, and the Serial Evaluation for particular improvement proposals to direct development to regions with the best likelihood of floods.


In strategy-making, local planning authorities use a sequential method of site selection to ensure improvement is, as much as reasonably possible, situated where the chance of floods (from all resources) is cheapest, applying consideration of climate-change as well as the exposure of potential uses to flood hazard. In strategy-creating this calls for using the ‘Serial Evaluation’ to Neighborhood Programs and, if necessary, the’ Evaluation’ to Neighborhood Programs.

Flooding hazard evaluation:
Neighborhood planning authorities undertake a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to completely comprehend the flooding hazard in your community to advise Neighborhood Program groundwork


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